Reveal inks are a new technology that can hide a message intended for the customer to read both DURING and AFTER consumption. This is great for social media, engaging consumers, and entering sweepstakes.

Example: This can uses reveal ink to hide a message. During consumption the product reveals messaging that enhances the product experience.

Reveal Me

Improving Consumer


Consumers are demanding improved food safety, especially at home. CTI invented a way to alert the consumer that perishable products have been left out too long, telling the consumer to “return the item to the fridge.”

Example: This gallon of milk, when cold, states the milk is “Utterly Great” and once left out of the refrigerator too long the message changes to “To be Utterly Great Please Refrigerate.”

Take Me Out of the Fridge



As the kids drink their juice, a message is revealed encouraging kids to get outside and play. 

Drink Me



Using reveal technology can do more then surprise it can allow for packaging to communicate multiple messages by hiding one message inside of another.

Example: On this quick serve restaurant cup an image of ice cold refreshment appears when the cup is filled with an ice cold beverage and then upon consumption the messaging changes to remind consumers to refill their beverage..

Chill Me Drink Me Chill Me & Drink Me



Promotions are a great way to get consumers excited about a product; by adding an extra element of surprise the packagaing and engage with it's consumers in a whole new way. 

Example: This can uses reveal ink to hide an image. When cold the packaging celebrates winning, but once consumed reveals an image of a soccer(football) player inside the trophy. 

Drink Me

Reveal inks - Reveal inks are temperature-sensitive inks where the turning off point is much higher then standard temperature-sensitive ink. This allows for the effect to remain even after consumption, making it great for hidden messages and consumer interaction.